It’s Easy Being Green

Sprinkl-Rite Irrigation has a genuine respect for the planet, and we use environmentally-friendly products and practices to respect your property and the environment. Owning an automatic irrigation system can help lower your utility bills with precisely timed watering, which means water usage is regulated and waste is minimized. You achieve lush landscaping and best-of-all, you’ll SAVE GREEN!

Sprinkl-Rite Irrigation makes every effort to reduce the cost of having an irrigation system for the lifetime of your system, including:

  • The use of water efficient mist nozzles that can reduce water consumption by up to a third.
  • The installation of rain sensors that can reduce water consumption by about 25%.
  • "Matched precipitation" which ensures all of the sprinklers on a particular zone are placing about the same amount of water on a given area.
  • Tailoring your irrigation system to your property’s specific needs, especially in areas with either limited water supplies or areas with community-imposed water restrictions.

Ensuring your irrigation system is properly maintained reduces water waste and pollution from run-off and over-watering, while improving the landscape’s health by ensuring the correct amount of water is applied.

Our landscape lighting is also “Green”, with the benefits of LED bulbs. LED lighting saves you on energy bills, and lasts much longer than the typical bulb – it’s the way of the future. Yet again, more positive attributes about “Being Green.”

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