Pneumatic Missile

Need to get under a driveway, walkway, patio, roadway or parking lot without causing any disruption or damage to the existing hardscape/landscape or interfering with traffic? Sprinkl-Rite has the capabilities to perform this task, through the use of a pneumatic missile, which causes minimal disruption. The pneumatic missile bores a 2” or larger (if needed) opening about 18” below the surface, leaving the opening ready for the installation of a conduit, wire, gas or water pipe.

Saw Cutting

If it is essential to make a repair in the middle of a driveway or parking lot, Sprinkl-Rite has you covered. We have the equipment and the ability to saw through asphalt or concrete with an asphalt cutting saw. After marking out the area to be cut, Sprinkl-Rite can saw the area, excavate the area and remove all debris. When the repair has been completed, we backfill the area and apply a temporary asphalt cold patch. If a more permanent fix is required, arrangements can be made for that as well.

Pipe Pulling and Trenching

As a full service irrigation company, Sprinkl-Rite has the ability to pull wire, conduit or water pipes at a maximum depth of 12”. Through the use of a pipe puller there is minimal disruption to your lawn or property. If you require a depth greater than 12” or trenching through landscape beds or tight areas, we can either use a machine that can trench to a depth of 30” or Sprinkl-Rite can hand trench.

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