Drip irrigation is the most direct and efficient method to irrigate landscape beds. Drip irrigation uses a fraction of the water required compared to overhead mist heads. Drip irrigation enables the water to go directly to the root system where it is applied at a slower rate; this is an environmentally preferred method, reducing water waste. The drip method is better for your plantings as it does not leave water on the leaves, which often leads to fungus or disease. Sprinkl-Rite Irrigation is capable of retro fitting existing irrigation systems with drip irrigation. Have a vegetable garden? Install drip irrigation for your garden to prevent water droplets from damaging the vegetables.

Sprinkl-Rite Irrigation, through the use of a micro drip system, can install a drip system for your potted plantings whether they are hanging or on your patio or deck. Sprinkl-Rite designs a micro drip system to provide the exact amount of moisture required for each individual pot size and plant. This time-saving method eliminates remembering to do the watering yourself, lifting a heavy watering can, pulling out the hose or vacation concerns.