I wanted to write to you to let you know that I've had the pleasure of using Sprinkl-Rite Irrigation for over twenty years, on two different houses, and I have never had a problem with your work, your service, or your prices.

Yours is a family-run business that values honesty, integrity, and customer satisfaction. I'm always impressed by Sprinkl-Rite's professionalism and knowledge, and I value your advice and appreciate your workmanship.

– Nelson DeMille

I found professional, reliable and friendly service at Sprinkl-Rite Irrigation. David and Meryl have been a pleasure to work with. There has not been a job too big or too small that they did not tackle enthusiastically and successfully.

Over time, it became clear to me that the service and quality of work that I was receiving was superior to the other companies I was dealing with. This past year I awarded the balance of our 14 McDonald's restaurants to Sprinkl-Rite. At Sprinkl-Rite, I found a team with integrity and a "sense of urgency" that is second to none!

– John Rampollo

Kaufman Enterprises

V. P. Director of New Initiatives & Technology

As a commercial landscape services contractor, I have always found Sprinkl-Rite Irrigation to be very knowledgeable and efficient with a dedication to quality. They always present themselves with a professional appearance and are always willing to accommodate every request. Having used many irrigation companies in the past with little success, it has been a pleasure to work with a family owned and operated company who are skilled in the most up to date water efficient practices.

– Norman Friedman

Plant Trends Inc.

A recent event made me recall one of the few things I miss about my former home. As you know, I currently live in an attached town house that is in a condo community. It is great to not have to worry about all of the exterior maintenance items I used to deal with in my old place. However, condo living comes with a cost, loss of control.

The irrigation company for our complex recently completed the spring turn-on. Everything seemed fine until my grandsons came for a sleep-over. Our entire family was awakened at about 3:00am to my younger grandson crying in fear in his crib. It quickly became apparent that the sprinkler company never inspected the alignment of the heads during their turn-on process. As one of the heads cycled around, the stream was hitting the window next to my grandson’s crib.

If my condo’s irrigation company had the kind of dedication to quality that you at Sprinkl-Rite have had for years, we would have been able to get a good night’s sleep! This incident reminded me that I miss having my sprinklers maintained by your team.

– Michael R. Breitman

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