Short answer: yes!


By all means, we are not saying traditional irrigation systems are all doom. Indeed, they are the mainstays of agricultural practices and have long been in existence. Unfortunately, these old systems waste your water.


Do you know that up to 50% of the water used in traditional irrigation systems go to waste?

If you don’t lose water to wind, it will be a runoff or even evaporation.


While the said wastages didn’t amount to any complications in the past, things are different now. Water is becoming scarce, especially with the constantly growing human population.


In essence, the conventional systems couldn’t meet modern needs; we can’t afford to lose any more water. Hence, the introduction of smart irrigation systems.


Smart irrigation systems are upgrades on the traditional means. They come with features that use weather and sensors to limit water wastage to only a bare, if at all.


So, yes, smart sprinkler systems help water conservation. And this post contains the features that made such a feat possible. Also, we included tips on using the said features to reduce wastage of water in your homes.


3 Features Smart Sprinkler Systems Use For  Water Conservation

Landscape & Sensor Controllers

One of the strong suits of smart sprinklers is their ability to analyze the condition of your garden. In particular, they examine:

  • Your soil type and the topography
  • Exposure to sun, soil moisture, and the evaporation thereof
  • Existing plants and biodiversities


About moisture, smart sprinklers apply water based on the moisture of your soil. But how?

Smart sprinklers come with below-ground sensors. When installed around the root of your yard, the sensors will guide your controller to sprinkle your garden. Here’s what that means:

  • You will avoid overwatering your yard, diseases, and waste
  • You can invest your time in lucrative deals while your sprinkler works hands-off


Overall, once the system understands your yard needs, it develops a personalized irrigation schedule. For example, loam soil may not retain as much water as clay and only need a moderate and constant supply.


Pressure Regulators

Remember when we said traditional sprinklers are not all doom. Well, they come with pressure regulators too.


However, the pressure regulators in traditional sprinklers are always set to high. What regulation is there?


More importantly, when you wet your yard at high pressure, you tend to waste even more water. Water will sprinkle out at fast rates uncontrollably and end up leading to wastage.


Fortunately, the case is different for smart sprinklers. They come with adjustable pressure regulators. You can change the levels from high through medium to low. Among the variations, you will find the right fit for your yard and save water – and even your money and time.


The best part: smart sprinklers have options for where you can fit pressure regulators. You can either use the aids on the sprinkler itself or the valves. Either way, you will improve water conservation.


Seasonal & Weather Functions

Smart sprinklers also use weather sensors to conserve water. You can connect them to live feeds. And yes, you will need some connectivity for that. But it’s worth the hassle when you consider that you would have been juggling it yourself.


Also, the weather sensors help you to limit overwatering. Once you know the chances of rain are 80%, you won’t even bother watering your yard.


Besides rain, smart sprinklers can save your yard and itself from freezing temperatures. They stop once they detect winter-like conditions – saving you money and a lush garden.


Furthermore, smart sprinklers have seasonal clocks that you can use to time how you use water. All you will do is set the delivery to suit the conditions of the season. For example, sprinkling will be consistent in the summer in contrast to the spring.


Bottom Line

Smart sprinklers conserve water as much as they do the environment. In essence, they are sustainable investments that are cost-effective and time-efficient.


However, ensure you install your smart sprinkler the right way. Else, you might waste the water you wanted to conserve. Worse, you could damage your yard or yourself in the process.


Instead of DIY installations, reach out to experts at Sprinklrite for help. Contact us today to start!