Sprinkl-Rite Irrigation wants to give back to the community that has given us so much. That’s why we have created “Sprinkl-Rite Gives Back”. It’s our way of showing thanks, bringing awareness, and helping out in the communities we live and work in. We introduced Sprinkl-Rite Gives Back in our Spring 2014 newsletter and the support and feedback has been wonderful!

Four times a year, Sprinkl-Rite will be donating goods, money and/or our time in order to bring awareness to some very worthy Long Island based charities. At times we will be collecting canned goods and items, and will ask for your participation. Other times the Sprinkl-Rite Team will volunteer our time and/or money. In our quarterly newsletter we will inform you about the charity that we will be working with and what Sprinkl-Rite will require to make the donation/event successful.

And we’re not stopping there! Every quarter, we will be donating to charities we collect goods/items for and volunteer our time with. So, help us raise awareness and support our Long Island based charities and our communities. We will be posting photos and will report our progress, so follow us on our social media links below and keep an eye out for the next newsletter!

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