Your Lawn Just Got Smarter

Sprinklrite is ahead of the curve with Smart WIFI controllers!

Irrigation is now getting “smart”, using efficient irrigation technologies and allowing you to control your underground sprinkler system from any mobile device!

Save Water

Smart systems automatically suspend watering during rain, freezing or high wind conditions. Careful scheduling minimizes evaporation and encourages water to soak in, reducing the total amount of water needed. Preventing overwatering actually keeps plants healthier by encouraging stronger roots and discouraging weeds, disease and fungus growth.

Save Time

Once an irrigation installer has programmed your site data into the smart system, the controller adjusts the watering schedule based upon weather conditions and soil moisture without manual intervention.

Save Money

Smart systems can reduce your annual water bill by as much as 30 percent by preventing water waste. Plus, many local water providers offer rebates for purchasing specific smart controllers.

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