Finally, the fall is here – the season for Halloween and Thanksgiving. And by now, you have probably started preparing your costume and kitchen for the holidays. But hope you didn’t forget your sprinkler system!

While the fall is a holiday season, it is also one of the most crucial seasons to ensure adequate care for your lawns and irrigation units. This time of the year borders two extreme weather conditions, the heat of the summer and the cold of winter. For that reason, your sprinkler systems need extra attention.

That said, you don’t have to wait until the thick of the fall before you start the care routine for your sprinkler system. You can prepare ahead – the tips in this article can help!

Determine Your Lawn’s Water Needs

The first step to preparing your sprinkler units for fall is to understand the water requirements for your lawn. About that, know that the fall can be somewhat tricky. How so?

At the beginning of the fall, the temperature isn’t any different from summer. In other words, your lawn would still require about 2inches of water weekly. That means more work for your sprinkler system. And you might not need to adjust the units yet.

However, towards the middle of the fall, heat reduces. When that happens, about ½inch water weekly would suffice for lawns. Also, this is the right time to adjust your sprinkler units and save them from the pending harsh conditions of the winter.

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Consider Rainfall

After adjusting your sprinkler system to the ½ inch fall water requirement, don’t forget about rainfall. Rain can create surplus moisture and stimulate growth on your lawns when and where you don’t need it.

And, note this: don’t contemplate if there will be rain or not. Fall, ordinarily, features an increase in rainfall – so, there would be rain! And unfortunately, that could over-water your lawn and ultimately disrupt your watering sessions. So, what can you do?

Invest in a rain sensor. With rain sensors, your sprinkler system will automatically shut off once it senses your lawn has enough water – regardless of your watering sessions.

Pro tip: Determining your lawn’s water requirement, and even installing rain sensors, can be technical. For the best results, it is best to engage an expert, like Sprinklrite, for help.

Know When To Stop Watering Your Lawn

Eventually, the rain of the fall season will stop. But before then, you should decide when to cease your watering sessions. You don’t want to wet your lawns into winter and cause yourself complications.

That said, this guide can help:

  • If your lawn is new or recently reseeded, it will need regular watering regardless of the fall. But it might be best to plant new grasses in the spring.
  • If you get at least an inch of precipitation weekly in the fall, you can shut off your sprinkler system.
  • But if you still have dry and warm weather, water only a few times weekly. And do so only until the ground freezes.

Overall, know that just because we are in the fall and the lawn grows slowly doesn’t mean you will stop watering. Stop the routine only if there is adequate precipitation and until the ground starts freezing.

Prepare For Winterization

While preparing your sprinkler systems for the fall, you should also be mindful of the winter. As soon as the ground starts freezing, it is high time that you winterize your pipes and oozes. And mind you, that is not all you would do.

Winterization is another detailed process on its own – that requires expertise and patience. In essence, engage the services of professionals to help you. But if you’d like to know what the process entails, check this out:

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Let A Professional Walk You Through The Entire Process

The ultimate step you need to fully prepare your sprinkler units for fall (and all seasons) is getting help from an expert. However, you also want to be careful with the professional you choose for your sprinkler units.

About that, we’d advise you to work with a company that values sustainable practices – and is easily accessible. In that case, Sprinklrite can help; we are only a click away to help you prepare your sprinkler system for fall!